Noble Homes are builders of new build properties in West Yorkshire. We are proud to have worked with them on a range of different projects, assisting them with their building and groundwork. Find out what the company director, Chris Noble, had to say about using our services…

“iBuild definitely take the stress away from us because we know we’re working with quality contractors that will turn up on time and deliver a good quality product.

They are very professional and have great quality modern equipment, they don’t need their hand-holding.

For ourselves on this particular site, we asked them to put a number of concrete wrap foundations in. They didn’t have any problems grasping what was required. The gelled very, very quickly with all the other people on site. They don’t want to be adversarial which makes things much easier for us.

I’m a big believer in do it once and do it right first time. The finished product they deliver is excellent.

iBuild will quite often go above and beyond what we actually employ them to do. It’s always difficult to decide whether to recommend another person. The problem being we want to reserve them for ourselves. But, yes, I would recommend iBuild to others.”

30/04/18 | IN News | BY